Medicare Part F

When seniors look for powerful coverage for their medical expenses, they often choose Medicare Part F. You can find this full coverage Medicare Supplement plan on our site We educate you first to see if Plan F is right for you, then offer you FREE online quotes from the top companies for the plan, and you can easily compare those quotes to find the best deal on this coverage plan. We will show you how you can do just that, as well as explain what Part F covers and who can sign up for it.

This is the one Medicare Supplement plan that covers every possible Medicare-approved supplementary expense. There may still be some medical expenses you have to pay for on your own, and this can be a costly plan, but signing up for it can also be a great way to save money. Maybe it’s right for you and maybe it isn’t, and you should take some time to look at it to figure that out for yourself. A lot of seniors have managed to save some serious money on their medical expenses, just by signing up for this plan. It is in your best interests to at least look at what it is offering and see how it compares to your personal needs.



What Is Part F?

Medicare Part F is simply another name for Medicare Plan F, which is a Medicare Supplement plan or Medigap plan. Supplements plans provide additional coverage for Original Medicare subscribers, so if you have that Original plan, and you feel that you need more coverage than what it is offering you, then you can always sign up for a Supplement plan at the same time. That’s additional coverage that can take of expenses that are too much for you to take care of on your own, from your own pockets. You can have an insurance plan take care of them for you, but you do need to choose the right plan.

In order to help you choose the best plan for your particular needs we want to show you exact what Medicare Part F will cover. We can just say that it covers all the supplemental medical expenses, but unless you know what those are, that doesn’t do you much good. You can take our word for it that it is the most robust of the Medicare Supplement plans and that it does cover every supplemental expense, but we want to show you what exactly it will do for you.

This plan is able to cover you for all the Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles. That Part B deductible isn’t very much- coming in at $183 per year. However, the Part A one is much more expensive, and it usually costs $1,340 for each benefit period. Keep in mind that you have to have Original Medicare in order to sign up for Plan F, which means you have coverage for Medicare Part A and Part B. But Medicare does not cover that plan’s deductibles, and Plan F will.

You also have to pay coinsurance on Medicare Part A and Part B, and Plan F will cover that for you as well. Those coinsurance payments are due each time you visit the hospital or other medical facility and receive treatment that is classified as a Part B or Part A service.

The Part B excess charges are covered as well. These are costs you would pay for if you went to a medical facility for treatment that did not fully accept Medicare coverage plan. This is something a lot of people will experience in their lifetime, but it can be useful to have that kind of coverage, just in case, and Plan F is one of the few Medicare Supplements plans that will cover you for that expense.

Medicare part fIt also covers you for nursing care coinsurance and hospice care coinsurance. These separate expenses are what you pay each time you receive ether related service. So, if you don’t not have a Supplement plan of any kind, and you only had Original Medicare you would have to pay each time you reeve skill nursing care treatment or hospice care. Original medical only covers some of those costs for you, but you pay the coinsurance. That is, unless you have Medicare Plan F covering you for it.

Medicare  Part F also covers three pints of blood each year for you. You may know that you get covered for some blood under Original Medicare, but that coverage may run out on you, and the supplemental coverage can step in and cover you at that point.

Your foreign travel exchange costs can be mostly covered as well under this supplemental plan. That’s cover for when you have to be transported to a medical facility outside the United States for emergency treatment, and you can be covered for as much as 80% of each individual instance. There is a deductible for you to pay, though, so in that regard, Plan F won’t cover you for everything.

The other Medicare Supplement plans only cover some or most of these items, but only Plan F covers them all.

Who Can Sign Up for Part F?

In order to apply for Part F and be approved for it, you need to be age 65 or at least eligible for Medicare in some way. People who have disabilities or who are diagnosed with kidney disease (end stage renal disease) can qualify for Medicare Original and Medicare Supplements before age 65.

You can apply for Medicare Supplement Part F as soon as you turn 65 or even before. But unless you met certain medical conditions, you won’t see that plan go into effect until you turn 65. The period just after your 65th birthday is the best time to sign up. During this opportune period, you are guaranteed to be approved for whichever Part F plan you apply for. Insurance companies selling that plan cannot turn you down based on your income or any medical conditions you may be dealing with. They also can’t charge you more than the base rate for this plan based on your medical conditions.

Now, they could deny your plan and charge you extra if you apply for the plan outside of the six months after you turn 65. That period of six months is known as Open Enrollment, and it is the best time by far to apply. You get the best rates and guaranteed approval, and if you try to apply outside of that period, you could regret it.

 Where to Apply for Medicare Part F

If you want Medicare Supplement Plan F, then you won’t be going to Medicare directly for it. Medicare does not sell this plan, nor does it sell any of the Supplement plans. It only designs and oversees these plans, so you need to keep that in mind as you try to find the right Plan F for you. There are lots of insurance companies that sell this plan, and you have a lot of options. So, that means you have many opportunities to save money and find Part F at a great price. You can use this site,, to compare the prices and find the lowest rate in your area.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Part F

What makes Mutual Omaha stand out is their dedication to exceptional customer service. Few insurances companies have a better track record with providing customer service, but on top of that, they tend to sell their plans at competitive prices and stay on top of what their customers are looking for in supplemental insurance.

Aetna Medicare Part F

Through Aetna, you have access to a wide range of insurance options, covering way more than just medical insurance. This massive company offers a lot of options for Medicare coverage, including Part F. They are dedicated to helping their customers live healthy, happy lives by providing them with excellent healthcare and professional medical services of all kinds.

Cigna Medicare Part F

If you sign with Cigna, you get access to a global insurance network and a wide range of sophisticated health insurance tools. You can access your account from anywhere, on just about any device, making changes and checking your coverage. Cigna does an excellent job of making sure that their customers are informed about what their options are and what changes are headed their way from Medicare and the US government.

AARP United Healthcare Medicare Part F

AARP has been operating as a senior care company for decades now, and they have developed a reputation that is exemplary in that time. Their services are far-reaching, ad they provide far more than just medical insurance. They sell insurance of all kinds, and their services extend to professional financial and medical advice, assisted living and much more.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Part F

This company allows each of its offices to operate independently of one another. This means that you could get some great deals in on state from Blue Cross Blue Shield that you could not get in another state. The company is known for offering some of the most competitive rates, but you will want to check their member services to ensure that what they are offering is worth what you are paying for.

How to Save Some Money on Part F

Part F can be expensive no matter where you end up buying it from. However, it doesn’t have to be something that you pay too much for. You can find a great deal on it by comparing prices. You can source quotes from those insurance companies that we listed above or from additional ones that are relevant to you.

Instead of sourcing all those quotes for yourself and calling up the insurance companies or visiting their website individually, you can save time (and hopefully money) by using this website to compare the costs quickly and efficiently. Just fill out the short form on this site to tell us where you are located so that we can find quotes for insurance companies near you. We will provide you with multiple quotes from a variety of insurance companies.

Then you can take that information and use it to determine who has the best rates and who is offering the best deal. Not every insurance company is going offer you a competitive rate, and it is in your best interests to compare as many of the rates out there as you can. The more your compare, the better your chances are of finding the absolutely lowest rate possible for this plan. You should know that when you get a low price on a plan like Medicare Part F, you are not losing out on coverage in any way. The plan doesn’t become less powerful and cover fewer things just because you got a good deal on it.

You can search for the lowest price on this plan you want and never have to worry about how much coverage you are getting with it. You are guaranteed all the coverage that we listed above. Only Medicare gets to change the coverage on the plans, but the insurance companies can set the prices to what they want.

Please feel free to use our website as often as you like until you are happy with the rates you find. We only give you accurate and up to date information. The quotes we provide come straight from the insurance companies that sell the plans, and they are not prices that we archive on our site. We update them whenever our site visitors request a quote, so you can be sure that you are getting the freshest and most accurate quotes.

The prices will change over time, so be sure to come back and check with us as you try to determine which plan is right for you and how little you can get away with paying for them. Of course, you want to factor in member benefits and other aspects of these plans and their providers that affect why you might want to choose one over another. The easiest way to compare the rates, though, is to use this site,, to get quotes instantly.